Who I Am

I am a generalist in a world of specialization. I am a bit of a throw-back to a time when people pursued, varied interests. Some of the most famous inventors, philosophers and scientists (Da Vinci, Newton, Tesla) were generalists and while I don't assume to their levels of brilliance, I do adhere to that philosophy. There are two main reasons for this: I love to learn new things; and two, I love juxtaposing seemingly different ideas to create unique and creative solutions.

A Little History

I started my career as a software developer in 1983. This was a time when the first PC's were just emerging and I had the foresight to see that the future of software engineering would be centered around these small, personal computers and that the large mainframe and mini systems of the the past would be relegated to specialty functions. Plus, I knew, deep down that I needed to be my own boss and the PC side of things seemed the most promising.

In 1986, I chose to become a freelance software consultant/contractor and worked as a developer, systems analyst and finally business analyst with companies large and small including:

  • CIBC
  • Manulife Financial (3x)
  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Citadel Assurance (3x)
  • The Employment News
  • Consumers Gas
  • Direct Energy
  • Morneau Sobeco (2x)
  • Ministry of Housing
  • Office of the Secretary of State


After the Y2K frenzy, I decided I wanted a change. So, in 2002, I became the publisher of a magazine called Pet-Talk. Pet-Talk became my MBA in business as I learned what to do and more importantly, what not to do. I had the priviledge of leading a great team that included my dear friend, Chuck Lee, who at the time was already a forty year veteran of marketing and branding.

When the business closed, I returned to the corporate world as a systems analyst and business analyst for Direct Energy for a couple of years until the entrepreneurship bug bit me again.

In 2006, I was approached by, Masterpiece Life, a company that brought motivational and transformational speakers to Toronto. They offered me a partnership and I embarked on a new journey. It was a very enlightening time (some pun intended) and I learned a lot. Unfortunately, we disagreed on the direction for the company and I chose to step away.

Within a few months, the owner of Spectrum Studios, a photographic studio rental company, asked if I wanted to take over the business. He was burned-out and was looking for a major change. Initially, I said no, but when another photographer I know showed interest in partnering, we chose to take on the business and Creative Image Studios was born. The following three years were exhilarating from a creative standpoint, however, due to rapidly rising costs, unsutainable financially. And, in 2012, we closed the doors.

Web Development

I started using HTML in the late 1980's for a major project for one of my ongoing clients. I then started building websites as soon I saw the growing need. Even during my entrepreneurship years, I was the web developer (and often designer) for all the projects. I started by hand coding HTML and CSS then started using CMS products like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. Since 2012, I have been developing websites as my main career.

In addition to building websites, I have also created HTML Emails for P&G, and helped develop animated web banners for Booster Rocket Media.