Hi. My name is Anthony R. Taylor. Welcome to my website.

What I Do

Web Development

I am a full stack web developer utilizing PHP, Laravel, MySQL, MariaDB for back-end and VueJS, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, UiKit, PureCSS, Foundation and Semantic for the front-end. I am also experienced with WordPress, Processwire, Grav, and Joomla CMS/CMF products.


HTML E-mails

Newsletters and regular email advertising are extremely important in the current marketplace. The HTML for these products is tricky to write and make uniform across the various devices. The additional requirement for responsiveness increases the complexity. I have created Emails for many P&G brands including Gillette, Ivory, Pampers, Pantene, Olay, and Tide.

Animated Banner Ads

Animated banner ads are a common way for companies to advertise on the internet. They are usually created using HTML, CSS and Javascript, although, sometimes, animated GIF's are created if the quality is not vital. My experience is using both the GSAP JS animation library and also Anime JS library.


I started photography in my early teens after my dad purchased an old Yashica for me. In 2009 I opened a business called Creative Image Studios which ran photographic workshops, rented studio and lighting gear to photographers and provided a studio for my own photography. I specialize in photographing people: actors headshots, corporate portraits, boudoir, and glamour.


Digital changed the world of photography, and like many others, I branched out into videography. When I connected with Booster Rocket Media, videography became an essential part of my skill set. I have been the videographer for projects for P&G and Inniskilin, among other smaller brands.

Video Editing & Animation

In addition to videography, I also have experience with video editing and animation. Using Premiere Pro and Affer Effects (I am also exploring Davinci Resolve and Fusion), I have worked on some smaller projects as I build my skills.

Samples of My Work
Some Inspiration

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